RANK is receiving 5 star reviews from readers and reviewers.

Goodreads Reviews:

From the time I started to read the book I was hooked. Tess Merlin takes us on a journey of suspense to the last page. It had me turning the pages to try and work out just who was the villain.
I highly recommend this book to read it also helps to be aware of the types of dangers out there and to be aware of our surroundings. 


A great book!
Rank is a tale of two timelines.
Tess in the modern moment – a divorcee with grown kids ready to try again to find love, and Tess in the past – an ambitious young police woman in a police force with a well earned reputation for corruption and misogyny.
Will Tess’ past trauma in the line of duty rob her of the chance to find happiness in the present?
Fans of Matthew Condon’s Three Crooked Kings series will definitely enjoy Rank.

Email Review:

It was hard to put your book “Rank” down. The way you devised your chapters with the story in the present and then the story in the past drove the motivations, memories and context of the whole narrative forward. I particularly liked your chapter endings. You nailed the development of suspense!
Sometimes one story became so scary that I would breathe a sigh of relief to be back in the other story at a much calmer point.    (Julie M. 24/7/23)


Online Reviews:

‘Somehow, I see my way through the cobwebs of past images mixed with the new image of Marcus standing with his phone directed at me. An image which has now been branded into my brain along with the horrors of the past. I hear the shutter click, over and over in my mind.’

This story follows Tess, who now retired from the police runs her own business as a florist and is looking at exploring the world of online dating – but an online presence makes her nervous that someone might track her down, someone in particular that was responsible for a harrowing experience as a female police officer in a small rural town in Queensland.

I loved reading it and was honoured to be able to read early drafts for feedback. For fans of thrillers, crime fiction and those looking for some insight into the lives of women in the police force.

I’m giving it five glowing stars… available now.   (@tk.reads)


I was absorbed and intrigued throughout… (@happyvalley_booksread)


This was a frightening and alarming story that had me in suspense…

Highly recommended (@bianca_mal_)


Congratulations Tess on writing an entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. (@philippakayewriter)